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I just a man… I’m not superman…

Posted on: Mei 16, 2006

This whole week are a really big change to me.
Today i just realize that i have a new lifestyle.
Just different from usual, now my relation with my girl however are moving better. Everyday after work, i'll go to her house, take a shower there, have a dinner of two, and watch the TV together till late night.
I go home late, about 23++pm, then i take a rest.
Some of my neighbour friend asking me 'where have you been?', 'never saw you lately', 'you towel always hanging dry, don't you take a bath?' and more of their comments.
These all make me realize that i have different way to spend my day these days.
However i'm really enjoying of being together with my girl, spend my time with her. She is very cute and nice. Our relation are getting better and better. After this long long journey to win her heart. Finnally it's the prize i think.  Beside i also realize that someone out there is hurted by my hapiness… (gosh… i fight with my heart about true or false).

I think i just don't care, it's not my fault that i just chase for my hapiness, to be together with the girl i love. It's not my responsible to take care another people heart. I just a man, i'm not superman that helping other people.  I hope that this will be last forever.


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