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Posted on: Agustus 6, 2005

Last night i dream a girl that ever been very special to me.
The dream is so real, when i wake up, i just think thats all really happen. I really miss her badly, i don’t know wether she ever miss me. I don’t know where is she now… and how is she doing… i just want to know about her… i looking for her trough friendster but there is no any news about her…
no wonder she isn’t any computer girls, and i don’t think if she can use computer… but i just try my best to find her…
Damn… i really miss her badly… once she ever tell me…
“If you meet a girl that is better than me, marry her cause i’ll never good enough for you”
I just dreamin’ when she said those words… the last time we met, after that she just dissapear from my life… till now… even i don’t ever heard anything about her…

Where are you girl…


1 Response to "Dream…"


I have dreams like that many times. But I have moved on. Even if I do find him, then what? I love what I have right now, and the last thing I wanna do is ruining it.

So I guess you should do the same thing too =)–>

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